Sunday, October 25, 2009

Woodworking in Maine and SEO

Internet search engines are the new Yellow Pages, and now woodworkers here in Maine have a leg up on the move up in search result pages. I started the non-profit,, because woodworkers in Maine have not received equal treatment in the way the state government promotes all its other industries. is a place where Maine woodworkers will be promoted for FREE. I have the contacts, the tools, and the know-how to get the word out that Maine woodworkers produce some of the best products in the world.

Using the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from, in six weeks, on October 24, reached number FIVE for the search term "Maine Furniture". There are 33,000 searches each month for this term on Google.

What really helped, in addition to having the properly programmed website and SEO plan, was the link we received from the Maine DECD. Government links carry weight with search engines so it is only natural that the government help it’s local businesses with a targeted Search Engine Optimization program.

In an exclusive interview with the Commissioner of the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development, John Richardson announced to me, and the world, that he will provide state government links to woodworkers here in Maine to help them promote themselves online. He is most likely the first government official in the United States to make such an announcement. will be working closely with the Maine DECD to help woodworkers across this state get the attention they deserve. Richardson announced he will add a "Furniture" category on their sites and begin branding Maine Furniture as has been done with Maine Lobster and Maine Blueberries.

I have worked really hard at trying to get the State of Maine to recognize the importance of helping its small business owners, in particular, its woodworkers, in achieving a presence in search results. Having the State of Maine step in and provide links, and educate small woodworking business owners about the value of SEO is crucial to our economy. A State of Maine linking campaign, hands down, is the biggest bang for a very small taxpayer buck. Local Maine furniture makers will now be able to compete with huge corporations which spend millions and make billions via dominating search results. "Maine Furniture", with, can now stand branded next to the "Maine Lobster" and "Maine Blueberry".

I cannot thank Commissioner John Richardson enough for his forward thinking and his personal drive to promote Maine's woodworking industry which is so vital to our economy.

Please follow the link here to the video of Commissioner Richardson's exclusive interview with me, on behalf of

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