Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It's been a while since I have written about what I've been up to. Maine Furniture has certainly come a long way in the last several months, and overall, in the last 7 months, we have made remarkable progress.
Internet Marketing is all about quality links, and quality content, which are measured by a website's page rank (PR). Maine Furniture has a PR of 4 now. We are showing up consistently in the top three positions on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, for the search term "Maine Furniture", for which there are 30,000 searches per month.
The highest quality links are those websites ending with .gov, and we have nearly 20 of those links. I want to thank the cities and towns here in Maine who have chosen to add a link to us on their website. I have designed a new marketing strategy, called Community Based Marketing (CBM) which involves municipalities listing their local businesses and statewide non-profit organizations supporting them. Ie. Maine Furniture/woodworkers, Maine Lobster Commission/ Lobstermen, Maine Restaurant Association. etc ...
The non-profit organizations are in a position to receive many .gov links which will enable them to rise in the search engine result pages (SERPS) therefore generating more exposure to the businesses listed with them. It is my contention that if every town in Maine did this, Maine business will be be towards the top of their respective searches. My goal is to be on the 1st page for the search word "Furniture", for which there are 100 million searches/month. People all over the world, looking for furniture, would see Maine and our woodworkers. This is absolutely attainable.
North Yarmouth is the 1st town in Maine to switch to a .gov and list their local businesses. There are about ten towns listing local businesses, but do not have the .gov. It's still a great start.
The linking campaign is proving successful, and the content aspect of Maine Furniture is growing every day too. I have added 30 of some of the best woodworkers in the state. We are also redesigning our website, to make the navigation a little more clear, and to give it a fresh look. I have also been filming David Margonelli in his shop, making two chests out of curly maple. Please keep checking in for the video of this extraordinary artist, who has been in the trade for nearly 40 years. Beautiful work.

Well, that's it for now ... I will keep up to date with our progress.